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Just because your mom always told you to wash your face doesn’t mean it should feel like a chore. At Skincare.com we firmly believe that taking care of your skin is the ultimate act of self care — and the easiest way to put your best face forward in any situation. But we’re also real people with real skin issues of our own, so we know first-hand just how confusing skin care can be.

From understanding why you just got hit with a major case of adult acne to figuring out whether an AHA or BHA is the secret to glowing skin, we’re here to help. We break down the buzziest ingredients, share helpful tips from our favorite dermatologists, take you into the lab with scientists & chemists, and show you how to jade roll like a pro.

And unlike your mother, we’ll do it sans judgment (except when it comes to sunscreen — that’s a must no matter what).

Skincare.com is a proud member of the L’Oréal family, and our articles feature skin care products from the L’Oréal portfolio.